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    Default 'Viewers abuse me': Shashank Vyas

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    According to Shashank Vyas, Jagya of Balika Vadhu on Colors is truly sorry. Shashank who essays a ‘flawed Jagya, discusses his character with us...

    Jagya is a flawed character (you have said so at interviews). Is it a challenge to play him?
    It is quite difficult to play a grey character who has a love and hate relationship with the viewers.

    Anjum Farooki was afraid that she would get beaten up as viewers who confused between real and reel life held her responsible for being the other woman. Did you meet irate viewers who would scold you for leaving Anandi?
    When I go shopping and to the temples there are people who tell me that I am not doing good to Anandi. I get calls from random numbers telling me that Gauri and I are bad. Viewers abuse me, especially old ladies. I take all this as a compliment. It proves how involved the viewers are with this show.

    Do you think Anandi should be with Jagya or Shiv?
    I think this question essentially belongs to Anandi. However I feel that Jagya is genuinely sorry. People make mistakes, sometimes big and sometimes small. Jagya is after all Anandi's childhood love. It is tough to forget your first love. So it's okay if Anandi accepts his heartfelt apology.

    Do you feel sorry for Jagya?
    Whereas it's true that Jagya has been spineless; he is now sorry from the bottom of his heart. It's perfectly human for him to feel frustrated that his apology isn't being accepted. So I do feel sorry for him. The circumstances Jagya was in made him err which is human. Anandi doesn't make a single mistake as she is super human. Jagya is like any ordinary mortal.

    What advice would you give Jagya if you met him in real life?
    I would advise him to be realistic, live life normally and be faithful to Anandi till death do part. Marriage is after all a big commitment.

    If your mom was alive now, I am sure that she would be proud of her son.
    She would surely have been very proud. Balika Vadhu was my mom's favourite show. My mom is always on my mind.

    What about the Indian TV industry would you like to change?
    We shoot cut to cut. Because of this super speed execution, creativity suffers.

    What are your hobbies?
    I am a workaholic who loves the camera. I love watching movies, I don't miss any new release. I love to travel. I however don't like to read.

    Are you single?
    I am single and not ready to mingle. My dream girl should have the qualities of my dear late mom.



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