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    Default 'Shiv is also helping me to be a better person'- Siddharth Shukla

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    “Anandi and Shiv deserve one another,” is what modern viewers say. Traditional viewers are of the opinion, “Anandi should be with her first love Jagya.” What does Siddharth Shukla who plays Shiv in Balika Vadhu think? We in talks with Siddharth

    Do you think it will serve Jagya right if Anandi gives Shiv a hug in front of him when he is begging her to take him back and tells Jagya, "I am very happy with Shiv and will spend my entire life with him, so please leave the both of us alone." Some women who are on the internet are suggesting something like that.

    That is an urban approach. Anandi belongs to a rural India. She can't easily do that. Every woman will have a different way of reacting to a situation. Each to her own.

    When Anandi told Shiv that she was feeling bad by telling Jagya that she couldn't forgive him, he consoles her by saying that the very fact that she is feeling sad for not forgiving him despite Jagya having treated her cruelly shows that she has a soft heart. However saying that she forgives him wouldn't have been the right thing to do either. Some think that it is important to forgive each and every person who has hurt you (that is important for one's own healing too). Therefore by that logic it is okay if Anandi forgives Jagya but also firmly puts it across that this doesn't mean that they will be a couple again (as she after all shouldn't be used and misused by him again)...

    That could be a perspective. However here, Shiv didn't want Anandi to feel miserable that she couldn't forgive Jagya. He didn't want her to feel bad about it and explained to her that it was alright if she couldn't forgive. Forgiveness can't be forced upon a person. A person needs to be given space and time to do so.

    Do you think Shiv is being too good and an understanding person by hearing out Anandi's woes on dealing with her ex-husband?

    No. Shiv is very composed and not insecure of Jagya. He wants Anandi to be happy and take her time in this relationship.

    Traditional viewers want Jagya and Anandi to unite. Liberal viewers think that Jagya doesn't deserve Anandi anymore and that Shiv and Anandi should be together. What would you do if a friend was in Anandi's situation and wanted advice? Would you advise her to be with Shiv or Jagya?

    I would advise her to be with Shiv. Ultimately it is her own decision. There are a lot of emotions going on in her mind. She knows what is the best for her. I can only give my opinion. We can't know for sure exactly what is the best for her.

    You had said in a previous interview that you have a modern outlook like Shiv...

    Yes I do. Shiv is also helping me to be a better person. He is calm, composed and rational.

    Was getting Shiv's role a turning point in your career?

    It is too soon to comment, maybe a high point in my career.

    How do you and Pratyusha bond?

    Quite well.

    You have an interest in interior designing. What do you have to say about the Balika Vadhu interiors?

    They have been done very well to suit the tastes of the owners of the house.

    What about the Indian TV industry would you like to change?

    I would like the industry to be more original and courageous in experimenting.

    Are you still single and ready to mingle?

    I'm single, not desperate to mingle.



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