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    Default Shashank Vyas slaps Anjum Farooki; rift between the on-screen couple

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    Recently, slap-a-thon moment took place in Colors’ Balika Vadhu (Sphere Origins). Aur yeh thappad ki goonj hamare office tak aayi hain.

    Okay...we know that we are being a little over dramatic. Let’s get down to business. The news is that the very pretty and innocent looking Anjum Farooki aka Gauri was slapped by Shashank Vyas aka Jagya on the sets (read the scene imagining lightning sounds playing behind). Well we are sure you guys must be wondering what went wrong between the good friends and on-screen couple. Read on to know the real story….

    As per a reliable source a few days ago Shashank and Anjum were shooting for a scene wherein Shashank had to slap her. The scene went well till the close-up shot was to be taken. During the shot, Shashank mistakenly slapped on Anjum’s cheek for real which miffed her. An agitated Anjum got into an argument with Shashank soon after that.

    We got in touch with Shashank who confirmed the same and said, “We had to give a close up shot and by mistake my hand hit her face. But she did not get a complete slap.”

    Anjum on the other hand stated, “It was Shashank’s close-up shot so I wasn’t in the frame. But in spite of that he tried slapping me for real. And though I did not get hurt I did tell him that he should handle me with more care as I am a girl.” After a little pause she added, “Shashank handles me roughly every time we have a fight scene. Earlier there was a scene where he had to push me and I got hurt with his watch.”

    Well…we just hope all gets well between the two.



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