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    Default Saurabh to continue sexually harassing Sanchi in Colors' Balika Vadhu

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    Old habits die hard!!!

    Saurabh (Sonal Handa) of Colors’ Balika Vadhu (Sphere Origins) once molested the pretty lass Sanchi (Roop Durgapal). His nasty brain will again weave devilish plans.

    As seen in the serial so far, Saurabh was put behind bars for his above crime and during his stay in the jail, his elder brother Vivek (Vimarsh Joshi) got married to the victim Sanchi.

    All was well till Saurabh got bail and returned to his family. And this time around, he has his parents as an accomplice.

    Back home, Saurabh has been seen misbehaving with Sanchi. Once he tried pulling Sanchi close to him and on being resisted and with the sudden arrival of his brother Vivek, he maliciously shifted the needle of suspicion towards Sanchi and her dubious intentions.

    Next, Saurabh will hold Sanchi’s hand while she’d be drying her clothes on the terrace and while she will try pulling herself away from him, his mother Suman (Shalini Arora) will come in the picture. The smarty Saurabh will once again turn the gun at Sanchi and ask her why she was trying to get closer to him. Interestingly though Saurabh’s mother would know it all she will blame Sanchi for it and demand better conduct from her.

    We wonder if Sanchi will stand up for herself or her sister-in-law Anandi will come to her rescue.

    Whatever be the scenario we will track it down soon.

    Roop said, “I always wanted to play a positive role so this is my moment but at the same time I miss the smart Sanchi. She could read people’s mind earlier but now she seems too docile to do any of that. Though I’d like to reconfirm that I like the positivity.”

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