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    Default "Sanchi made a bad choice under the wrong influence of her friends" : Roop Durgapal

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    Going through a tough phase in her life and fighting it back, Roop aka Sanchi talks about her transformed character of Sanchi and inspires other women to take a stand on such sensitive crimes.

    The ongoing track of Sphere Origins' popular show Balika Vadhu on Colors is focusing on the tensed life of Sanchi who has been raped by her boyfriend Saurabh. After falling into a bad company of her friends, Sanchi falls prey in Saurabh's trap and thus becomes a victim of a brutal crime Rape. Nevertheless, a strong headed Sanchi has taken a stand on it.

    We spoke to Roop Durgapal who portrays the character of a confident Sanchi she voices her opinion about the crime which she is going through in the show right now and also speaks about how women should take a stand against such crimes.

    Roop clarifies her stance on the issue and says that has realized the fact that her family members were always supportive towards her, "Right now Sanchi is in a very vulnerable state because so far the character of Sanchi has been shown as very stubborn. She has always done something on her own by not informing her parents because of which she was betrayed by her boyfriend. She has always taken her Bhabhi Anandi (Toral Rasputra) at fault as she didn't even like her brother too who doesn't understand her wishes. Then she also misunderstands her parents. After she did all the drama in Jagya's (Shashank Vyas) reception, her parents also stopped giving importance to her. She got influenced by the bad things which are bound to happen at this age. After this incident, she realizes that her friends weren't her friends and in fact were fake but the people, whom she misunderstood, supported her at the end. Her Anandi bhabhi and her parents are supporting her in her bad times. She is undergoing through a self-realization that she was wrong."

    Shedding some light on the sensitive crime Rape, Sanchi says that it was a bad choice taken under a wrong influence, "Rape is not a mistake of a girl and it wasn't Sanchi's fault as the guy took advantage of her in a drunken state. The only mistake Sanchi did was a bad choice.' She made a bad choice under the wrong influence. She was so innocent that she didn't even realize that the guy, whom she loved, only wants to take an advantage of her. Sanchi always lied to her parents and met this guy whom she didn't know well. She has realized that she shouldn't have lied to her family and have hurt them. So, when this kind of self-realization happens, then negativity starts turning into positivity."

    Roop fully supports the step taken by Sanchi as she says, "God forbid such kinds of incidents should not happen with anyone but if it happens then one should remember that self-respect comes first. If you won't fight against it then it will boost the confidence of the criminals and encourage them more towards doing such wrong deeds but your self-respect will be thrashed forever. It's easy for us to say that one should never feel shy to take a stand on such issues as it could have been very difficult for the girls who are going through such a phase but it's a challenge. The girls who accept these difficult phases as a challenge are the true winners. The rapists should feel shy and get defamed; not the victims who are innocent. I totally support what Sanchi did."

    So, what's written in the fate of Sanchi now? When asked this question to Roop, she replied, "I think that Sanchi's future is bright now. She has gone through a self-realization phase and she was living in her world of immaturity. Now, as this transformation has happened I hope that something new will happen and her life will change."

    We completely agree with you Roop and value your sentiments!



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