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    Default Post a dramatic action sequence on Balika Vadhu, Shashank Vyas ends up all bruised and battered

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    The tall and charming Shashank Vyas was recently seen in an action packed scene in Colors’ Balika Vadhu (Sphere Origins), which was appreciated by the masses as it weaved a fabulous image on the screen.

    But the actor was left all bruised after the shot.

    “I was supposed to be hitting the goons who enter our house and also get hit in return. So we started shooting and as I wanted the scene to appear very real, I ended up hitting materials lying around, along with throwing a few punches at the goons (smiles),” shared Shashank.

    Quite an effort, we must say!!!

    Furthermore, suggest him that like many other actors, instead of sweating out so much, he could have simply opted for a body double.

    Shoots back the actor: “I don’t understand the concept of a body double and I am not trying to sound pompous and project myself to be Akshay Kumar. It’s just that I wanted the scene to look real as possible. Apart from that, when my director screams action, I can’t help but give in my best before the camera.”
    “I also feel that I ended up hurting myself as I am not trained to shoot for action scenes,” he adds.

    Keep up the good work… Shashank!!!



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