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    Default "Playing Anandi is a dream come true.":Toral Rasputra

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    We in conversation with the new Anandi in Balika Vadhu a.k.a Toral Rasputra...

    The news about Anandi a.k.a Pratyusha being replaced by Toral Rasputra in Colors' Balika Vadhu has left the viewers shocked. Replacing an actress who has already made a place for herself in the hearts of the viewers is a difficult task. Living up to the expectations of the viewers is something that worries most actors. However one must not discount the fact that Toral Rasputra is a fine actor and she has showcased her acting skills on television with her previous shows Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des, Chhoti Si Zindagi and many more. We got in touch with Toral to share her feelings on being the new Anandi in Balika Vadhu.

    Here is what she said...

    How do you feel about being a part of Balika Vadhu?
    I feel great. It is a dream come true role for me. I don't have words to describe my happiness on getting this show. I always wanted to be a part of Balika Vadhu. I have been a sincere follower of this show right from the beginning and always wished to be a part of this show. Nevertheless I never thought that my wish would come true and I would get a chance to play the lead role.

    Had you tried earlier auditioning for the role of Anandi?

    I love the role of Anandi. I would like to share with you that right from the beginning of the show, I used to think that there would be a leap in the show and an older Anandi will come in and I would surely audition for it. However, when the leap happened there were already three girls who were chosen for the role who were then voted by the viewers and Pratyusha was selected. So eventually, I couldn't audition for the role. I was a bit sad but maybe good times were planned ahead and today I got to play the role I always wanted to.

    What do have you to say about Balika Vadhu?
    Balika Vadhu is one of the longest running shows on Indian Television. It has always ranked high on the TRP chart due to the unique concept that attracts viewers. Most importantly, the characters of the show have been built so well. I am glad and overwhelmed to be a part of this show. Its a golden opportunity for me.

    How did you get this show?
    It was a total surprise to me when I was informed just couple of days ago that I would be auditioned to play the role of Anandi. Earlier there was a look test which went for around 20 days and I was only told that the producer Sphere Origins' is coming up with a new show and I am being auditioned for the same.

    Do you think playing the role of Anandi is easy?
    Playing the role of Anandi is very challenging for me. Anandi is a graceful character and I will try to deliver my best and live up to viewers as well as producers' expectations from me.

    How do you plan to portray this character?
    I am just going to be myself. I believe when you give your best, things fall in the right place. So I will try and play this role as perfect as the previous Anandi (Pratyusha), and I am sure that the viewers will accept me very soon.

    It has been long since viewers saw you on television. Did you take a break?
    My last show Chhoti Si Zindagi on Zee TV, was very hectic and so I planned a break, especially since I got married in November. Also I was waiting for the right opportunity to knock the doors. Luckily I got one.

    How did acting happen to you?
    My mother wanted me to become an actor. So right from my school days I had entered this field. I used to give a lot of auditions. I initially started up with advertisements and then luck favoured me and I got a break in this industry with Disney Channel's Dhoom Machao Dhoom.

    What kind of role do you aspire to play?
    I want to play the role of Kavita by Smita Patil from the movie Arth.

    From the daily soaps you were a part of, which was the one you loved the most?
    As an actor Balika Vadhu is definitely going to be a life changer. But talking about the shows I did previously, I will pick the character of Rasal in Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des as my favourite.

    A quote you follow in life?
    Be Yourself.

    Will Toral Rasputra live up to viewers expectations from her as Anandi? To know more do watch her entry in Balika Vadhu on 4th March.



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