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    Default My name is 'Sheetal Khandal' and not 'Nivedita Kohli', clears the Balika Vadhu actor

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    Shakespeare once said, ‘What’s in a name?’ But if you continue referring someone with a wrong name for two long years, it’s bound to trigger irritation.

    And when that someone is an actor and a public figure, we just can’t imagine the level of exasperation that he/she has to face.

    Well, if the above mentioned thought might sound unreal to you, let us introduce you to Sheetal Khandal, who has been mistaken as Nivedita Kohli all this while.

    The girl has been working hard portraying the simple and yet strong Gehna in Colors’ Balika Vadhu after replacing Neha Marda. And surprisingly the world has never recognised the real girl.

    Checking the Wikipedia page we found that the site has also wrongly mentioned Nivedita to be essaying the role of Gehna. Even media has been referring her with this name all the while.

    Wanting to know more on this Nivedita mystery, we called up Sheetal who claimed, “I seriously don’t know where this name of Nivedita came into the picture. I have been doing the show for the last two years and I have no idea how the world got confused. My identity has been lost and all the ‘Niveditas’ must be feeling happy gaining some free publicity (laughs).”

    We wondered why she never thought about clearing the air and Sheetal replied, “To be honest, I am not really someone who is into all these worldly affairs. I did not even know about this mistaken identity crisis until Shashank (Vyas) brought this to my notice sometime back. That’s when I saw that all websites indeed carried the wrong name, but it’s my folly that I did not give it much importance.”

    “Also during the Holi event, news channels had run the scroll with ‘Nivedita’ name during my interview. That was the last nail, as I was clearly mentioning Sheetal during our tete-a-tetes. My family too was visibly upset with this. When I called up the news channel they agreed to change it, but then the harm was done and sadly I did not get any revert from them,” sighed the beauty.

    Didn’t she seek help from the production house and her channel? “See, the Colors website clearly has my correct name; as for the production, they indeed promised to get it corrected, but who all could they go to? Thus sadly the confusion remained, but I am sure with us clearing this issue, the world would finally realise that I am Sheetal and Nivedita,” she concluded.

    We are sure it will happen, Sheetal!!



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