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    Default Money can help you fulfill your desires - Siddharth Shukla

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    Siddharth Shukla, who is currently seen as Shiv in Colors’ Balika Vadhu, absolutely believes in the importance of money and says that one should invest aptly for a better and secure future. Here’s he sharing his financial gyan with us. Excerpts:

    How important is money to you?

    It is very important; it gives you power and strength to fulfill your desires.

    Are you an impulsive buyer?

    Yes, sometimes.

    What are the investments you have made?

    I have invested in bonds, shares, property, fixed deposits and gold.

    What is your most expensive purchase?

    My apartment.

    Do you feel financially secure?

    I believe human wants are never ending. There was a time when 8k or 10k was enough for a livelihood. But now things have become so costly that nobody can feel financially secure.

    Who handles your expenses?

    Me, my mom and my sisters.

    What was your first salary?

    Rs 5. I remember I was in school and during Ganpati celebrations I was assigned the task to take control of the crowd.

    How much money do you carry every day?

    No cash…it’s all cards for me.

    Any advice for investors?

    One should always invest money for a better future. But be wise and prolific when you invest.



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