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    Default The moment of truth arrives in Balika Vadhu, as Jagya realizes that he loves Ganga

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    New relationships are on the rise in Colorsí Balika Vadhu (Sphere Origins), as Jagya (Shashank Vyas) has finally realized that he is in love with Ganga (Sriti Jha).

    Yes, it is time to celebrate for loyal fans of Jagya and Ganga!! In the episodes to come, Jagya will realize that Sanchiís (Roop Durgapal) love for him is childish. Also, when the two are out at a hotel, Sanchi yells at a waiter and this is when Jagya sees the pleasing contrast to this behaviour of Sanchi in Ganga. There will also be a sequence where Sanchi will stop Jagya midway, get to the road, and screams that she is in love with Jagya. All this will make Jagya frustrated with this relationship.

    Meanwhile, Anandi (Toral Rasputra) will try her level best to ask Jagya about his relationship with Ganga. Though Jagya will not be in a position to answer, he will later on get flashes of the goodness of Ganga. The moment will arrive when he will accept to himself that he loves Ganga. At the same moment, Sanchi comes up to him and demands a kiss from him, when Jagya gets irritated and yells at her.

    We tried contacting Shashank Vyas, but could not get him on line.

    Will this mark the start of a cozy relationship between Jagya and Ganga?

    Letís wait for answers.



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