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    Default I live life on my own terms and conditions: Director Pradeep Yadav

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    When it comes to Colors’ Balika Vadhu¸ one cannot do without mentioning the name of the show’s talented director, Pradeep Yadav. In fact, Pradeep has been associated with this benchmark show from its very first day.

    In a conversation with Pradeep, we were indeed surprised to note that this man, who has won ITA, Gold Award and Indian Telly Awards for his current show, has never watched TV. And as far as films are concerned, he has just watched the classics.


    Tell us how you entered the TV industry?

    After completing my, I came down to Mumbai in September 1999 to look out for a job of a Chartered Accountant. But, upon reaching here, I ended meeting up with people who belonged to the TV industry. In fact, my roommate too was an actor though he was struggling to get a role in TV. The guy, who had done lot of theatre in Allahabad, suggested that I must take up a job in a television show.

    Slowly, I started developing an inclination towards direction. Hence, I started reading more on direction. I did a lot of self study, till I finally started assisting well-known directors like Partho Mitra, Hemant Prabhu, BP Singh and Shiba Mishra. Having been an assistant director for six long years, I bagged Grahasti in the capacity of a director and soon after, I bagged Balika Vadhu. I have been directing the show for almost five years now.

    How did Balika Vadhu happen?

    When the producers (Sphere Origins) of this show thought about making it, they approached me. And the only thing that they told me was that this is a challenging show and asked me if I could do it. I agreed and see here I am.

    You have been on this show for a long time; don’t you feel like taking up a new project?

    I love direction and I am very passionate about my work. The passion for Balika Vadhu is still there and I am not bored of it. Moreover, my producers have never interfered in my work. All in all, I enjoy working here.

    Does TV direction need to change?

    I do not watch any of the daily soaps. In fact, I do not even watch films. I have just watched the classics and I watched them only after I got into TV direction. So, whatever I do is my own creativity or from my experience of life. I do not pick it up from anywhere.

    Still… do you think TV needs a change?

    Yes, we need to use better techniques and need better performers. We have been given a medium and we need to use it in the best possible way. I think that we need to use this medium to give a message. So for me, the maturity in a story is missing.

    What do you have to say about the star cast of Balika Vadhu?

    I have the best star cast. Earlier, we had Rajendra Gupta and we still have people like Surekha Sikri and Anoop Soni. It’s wonderful to work with actors who have devoted their life to acting. Though Surekha ji is aged and experienced, but she does not mind giving a retake. She is ever enthusiastic.

    Do you have to face starry tantrums at times?

    No, they are all very professional. I do not have any issue with any of them.

    We often hear that in today’s scenario a TV director is no more the captain of the ship. What do you have to say about it?

    I live life on my own terms and conditions. So, nobody interferes in my work. Therefore, I do not know about this line but I am still the captain of my ship. Had that not been the case, I wouldn’t have been doing the show for five years now.

    What do you have to say about TRPs?

    I do not believe in TRPs, as I am not here to do business. I am a creative person and all I am concerned about is to give the best of my work.



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