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    Default Jagdish's blind faith in Shamal to baffle Ganga in Colors' Balika Vadhu

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    When you’re good the world around you too seems good but that can also be a deceptive perception. Maybe Jagdish (Shashank Vyas) of Colors’ Balika Vadhu (Sphere Origins) too needs a reality check.

    As seen so far, Jadgish is completely in awe of politician Shamal (Akash Khurana) for he helped his Dadisa (Surekha Sikri) recover the trauma of killing a politician’s son but, his wife Ganga (Sargun Mehta) thinks otherwise.

    According to Ganga, Shamal has some hidden agenda behind his closeness to her husband and her family.

    In fact, the politician demanded for some land to start a business and Jagdish being the MLA allotted the same to him but, Ganga is still been trying to dig deep into the matter and soon she will stumble upon something ugly about this man.

    We hear that child marriage will be conducted in a close by village and on learning about the same Ganga will reach there to put a halt to it. But to her surprise she will see Shamal dancing to some desi beats during the ceremony. Ceasing the moment Ganga will call Jagdish to witness the reality for himself. Fortunately enough Jagdish will spot the politician dancing but Shamal will change his colors like a chameleon and behave innocent. He will act like he never knew that it was a child marriage and that the families there kept him in dark. Blindfolded by his good deeds Jagdish will agree to whatever he would have to say and this will leave Ganga dumbstruck.

    Interestingly, we hear that it will soon be revealed that Shamal’s plan will be to establish an illegal factory in the village.

    When contacted Shashank he said, “Jagdish believes in Shamal Bhai and no matter what happens his faith in him will not fade.”

    Let’s see how far this drama goes.



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