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    Default "I'm going to miss Pratyusha's eyes" Shashank Vyas

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    Even as the viewers are shocked and excited about Pratyusha’s exit from Balika Vadhu, her co-stars are getting used to her not being around now.

    Pratyusha Banerjee who made a very special place in the hearts of many is bidding adieu to the show. We spoke to her co-actor Shashank Vyas to find out what kind of bonding they used to share with each other and how is he looking forward to work with Toral.

    When We spoke to Shashank Vyas about Pratyusha's exit from the show he said, "I and Pratyusha had auditioned for our roles as Jagya and Anandi in Balika Vadhu together. We both had given our look tests together, and then gone ahead to do some wonderful scenes with each other too. It became easier for us to shoot since we knew each other from the beginning and then we went on to becoming very good friends."

    Elaborating further, he said, "Pratyusha and me had developed a great bond during Balika Vadhu. In fact, we also shared things from our personal life with each other. We used to share our lunch during lunch breaks."

    About Pratyusha's decision to bid adieu to the show Shashank said, "Quitting the show is Pratyusha's decision and I only wish her luck for her future. She is a brilliant actress which she has proved in these years. There is a strong intensity in her eyes. She speaks well with her eyes when not with words. I am going to miss her eyes."

    Speaking about Pratysha's replacement with Toral Rasputra, the actor said, "I haven't met Toral yet but I have heard that she has done quite a few shows before so I think I will get to learn from her. This is my debut show but it's not for her. We will be starting on a positive note. I might get some time to adapt to her and doing scenes along with her in place of Pratyusha. We have to give our best."



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