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    Default I haven't stopped learning yet - Surekha Sikri

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    Surekha Sikri, also known as dadisa in the show Balika Vadhu airing on Colors, is one of the finest actresses when it comes to acting stern and getting gutsy. The audacious woman has exhibited her passion in terms of acting in movies like Mr. and Mrs. Iyer and Zubeida.

    Here is we bringing to you an interesting conversation with the revered lady. Excerpts:

    Your show Balika Vadhu provides a meaningful message at the end of all its episodes. With regards to that, how do you think it makes a difference to a woman’s mentality?

    Of course, it does. People watch and learn; finally the motive of the show is to bring about a change in the minds of people. As far as women are concerned, they are smart enough to make their choices. India is on the threshold of development and so is the thought process of a person.

    You were earlier rewarded as the best actress in a negative role for Balika Vadhu and now you are playing a positive role. Which role do you think people would want to see you in? Which role are you comfortable with?

    I am quite comfortable with both, the positive as well as the negative role. Actors are known for their versatility and therefore I believe in giving my best in all spheres of acting. It is my responsibility more than a profession to give my best.

    It is said that you don’t make any media appearances and that you are ‘media shy’. Do you agree with this statement?

    It is not at all true. I enjoy casting my opinions to the media, but I dislike the type of questions they ask me. The questions are too naive to answer (giggles). I can’t tolerate them.

    We learn something at every phase of our life. Do you think that there is something that you have left out at this point of your life?

    I am not really sure whether I have left out something. But yes, we need to live our lives to the fullest. We shouldn’t wait to achieve anything that we desire. Life moves alongside time and time does not wait for anyone. So one needs to make, as well as take decisions faster.

    People dream of acting at a very young age. Have you faced any obstacle that may have occurred due to your age? Does age make a difference in bringing about the actual talent of an actor?

    Acting as a passion and should be ingrained in an actor. In that case, age doesn’t make a difference and I haven’t faced any obstacle in my career.

    What message do you want to give out to those orthodox people who still believe in evil practices like child marriage?

    I can’t really propose much to the people; after all, it is their take on this issue. Child marriage was an ancient practice and it worked for the safety of girls. But, now there has been a drastic change in the thought process of people.

    Is there something about yourself, you don’t want the media to know?

    I don’t have any secrets to hide. However, I like singing Indian classical music, especially, the ‘dhrupad’ style of Indian classical singing.

    Lastly, did you always want to be an actress? How has your journey been since you got into acting?

    I had no confidence when I first started acting. My guru, Ibrahim Alkazi taught me two important principles of acting. They are ‘shradha’ and ‘discipline’, which I followed at every milestone of my life. These values when imbibed, changes the attitude of a person. I learnt vocal exercise and physical exercise. I haven’t stopped learning yet.



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