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    Default Ganga's doubt on Shyamlal's intentions to get deeper in Balika Vadhu!

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    Colors' Balika Vadhu is all set to unveil the real face of Shyamlal whose intention is to acquire the land.

    Sphere Origin's Balika Vadhu which airs on Colors has been showcasing gripping tracks to keep the viewers hooked to the show. With the entry of Akash Khurana who plays Shyamlal in the show, though his character is a positive one but as the show progresses with its interesting storyline ahead, the viewers will be baffled over his portrayal of character.

    Now in the upcoming track the audiences will witness a child marriage. When Jagya comes to know about it he tries to stop the marriage and also notices that Shyamlal is being present at the venue. In front of Jagya Shyamlal pretends to be a decent person but his intentions are hidden.

    Our source informs, "Ganga aka Sargun Mehta has a little doubt regarding Shyamlal's intentions. She finds him dual faced and her doubt gets a confirmation when she sees Shyamlal dancing at the marriage. Ganga is shocked to see him dancing and enjoying at this illegal marriage. She calls up Jagya aka Shashank Vyas to come on the spot and see his inhuman behavior of Shyamlal. But because of some circumstances Jagya's phone is out of reach. Later when Jagya reaches the spot and comes face to face with Shyamlal, Shyamlal avers that he was totally unaware of the fact that there was a child marriage going on. He calls up the police and asks the parents of the kids to take them away. Ganga is shocked with the way he played the game in front of Jagya."

    "Also, it is to be believed that Shyamlal wants a piece of land from Jagya for which he is being so polite and good towards him. Jagya was told that he wanted to build up a factory but whether he really wants to build up a factory or not it is something that time can tell. So for the same Jagya goes up to the CM and asks for the land that Shyamlal wants" ends our source.

    When spoken to Shashank Vyas, he confirmed the news.

    Well, this is something interesting that is going to come up your way fans!

    One thing that came to our notice was when Shyamlal comes to Badi Haweli to cure Dadisa aka Surekha Sikri, he utters a dialogue which goes like this - "Aapko toh aisi jagar par lekar jauga jaha par aapko pareshan karnewala koi nahi hoga!" with this dialogue should we mean Shyamlal made his entry to harm dadisa?

    This was just what we thought, what happens next is a wait and watch game!



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