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    Default Egg whites are a must on my breakfast table: Sonal Handa

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    The good looking man Sonal Handa, who recently made his presence felt in Colorsí Balika Vadhu as Saurabh, is a fit man. Hence, we got into a conversation with him to get his fitness mantra for our readers in our Lifestyle section. Read on.

    Personal fitness mantra?

    My personal fitness mantra is replacing carbohydrates with proteins, spending two hours in gym daily and jogging for half an hour.

    Personal diet mantra?

    Salad, protein (egg whites), chicken (only protein portions of it, no crabs) and protein shake.

    Are you a foodie?

    I am a big time foodie especially when it comes to chicken that my dad makes and my mumís parathas. I just canít resist them.

    Exercise routine?

    As mentioned above.

    Are you a vegetarian or a non-veg?

    I like both. Iíd enjoy having palak paneer and chana chawal as much as I relish chicken.

    Favourite cuisine?

    Indian food especially the one cooked by my mom.

    Favourite dish?

    As mentioned earlier chicken and parathas cooked by my dad and mom.

    A must on your breakfast table?

    Egg whites.

    Sugar or sugar-free tea/coffee?

    I like sugar a lot but I prefer sugar free for itís good for health.

    Lunch generally consists of?

    Chicken, salad and soup.

    Dinner generally consists of?

    Fruits (papaya), soup, chicken and salad again.

    Dessert delights?

    Strawberry and banana shakes.

    My favourite drink (non-alcoholic)?

    Diet coke.

    My favourite drink (alcoholic)?

    Wine for itís good for the skin.

    Most unusual dish I have tasted?

    Crab. A friend of mine insisted on me having crab and the moment I used my fork to have it there was this sound and I felt too pukish to have it.

    Experiment with food?

    I keep experimenting with food every single day. I have these masalas at my place and I keep adding dhania, pudina and chicken masala into almost everything. Luckily for me none of my dishes have turned out to be a disaster yet.

    On the streets I love to have?

    Sev puri and dahi puri.

    Do you cook?

    I do cook.

    Fitness tip?

    Have healthy diet and jog if you cannot hit the gym.



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