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    Default Balika Vadhu 9th October Written Update

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    Suguna goes to the kitchen to make some tea for everyone. ST and Radha driver her away saying she should rest. Besides, Jagya would be coming soon to take her home for pag phera. After that, they would have a choola pooja and Suguna can start cooking. Suguna leaves. Jagya bunks school and goes with Sunder to play cards.

    RS comes to Mahavir's haveli and tells him about how insulted his family is due to Suguna. Mahavir then asks for some food service and Anandi gets a tray of food. RS is shocked. Mahavir introduces Khajan and family as Maasa's samdhis and also his servants. After they leave, RS praises Mahavir for his grand insult to Maasa.

    Sumitra looks for Jagya and Makhan tells her he went to school. Maasa sends him to get Jagya after school completes. Anandi and Bhago go about house chores. Anandi keeps telling her mother that RS and Mahavir were not nice men. She tells about Jagya's beedi smoking and his promise to Anandi.

    Meanwhile Shyam tells Suguna he will miss her even if its for a day. Suguna calls home to find out when Jagya will be there. Sumitra tells her that Jagya is still to come back from school. She sounds worried. Shyam offers to go to Maasa's haveli to find out more. Jagya continues to play cards. Some beat cops see the boys and chase them. Sunder and his friend run away while Jayga and two other boys are caught....

    Precap : The cops come to Maasa and tell her that Jagya has been caught playing cards with some wayward boys in Sumerpur..Everyone is shocked

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