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    Default Balika Vadhu 8th October 2013 Watch Online

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    Thank You - Danke

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    Thanks a lot.

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    Thumbs down Balika Vadhu

    Why does the current Anandi (Toral) have tears in her eyes all the time? Is it to look more pitiful?

    In the current track, I expected Dadisa to be more supportive of Jagya since she is more wise and can recognise Sumithra's accusations are unfair on Jagya. Also she always liked Ganga and compared her to Anandi. So why the sudden hatred for Ganga?

    Ira was shown to be more liberal and broadminded at the time of Anandi's marriage to Shiv. Suddenly she has developed a dislike to Anandi.

    Shiv should show more spine and stand up for his wife. His attitude in the current track is very disappointing. Anandi had been sharing doubts of Sanchi-Jagya alliance right from the beginning. So why is suddenly Shiv blaming Anandi for Sanchi's current plight? And why is Anandi taking it>

    Why is Sanchi not being punished for her selfishness?

    This track is currently disappointing for the following reasons:
    1. Anandi is being a doormat with 24hrs tears in her eyes (even during happy times). Anandi needs to move out and stand on her own. She needs to demand answers from Ira and SHiva for treating her so badly...whree is Anandi's spine? The message to be given to the public women especially is that they have to be firm and self respecting like Anandi. So please so some spine Anandi. Its time to speak out to her inlaws.
    2. Shiv is being unfair
    3. Dadisa is being unfair too
    4. Sanchi is getting away with a lot of things. She needs to be punished.



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