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    Default Balika Vadhu 28th October Written Update

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    Starts with Anandi apologising to dadisa and she forgives Anandi. Anandi is happy and says she had missed dadisa and says she wanted to hear to her chanting. dadisa says no. She sips the tea and Anandi asks her how is it. Dadisa says its good and gets angry, Anandi leaves.

    Radha and thaisa are ready to bring Sugna back and calls for Shyam. He asks him if bapu also coming, Radha says no he has some work. Shyam goes to talk to him. MS is still angry that Shyam insulted with Mahavir and is not apologising. Shyam says he is not sorry and was right. Hesays he is so duchy and asks for leave him alone. Thausa is hearing this and is happy.

    Sumitra is showing all the gifts to Sugna. Jagya comes and ask Sugna to stay for some more days. Sugna asks him to come tomorrow for bhai dooj. Bhairon says he will take him and he wanted to get his certificates from school too. All are stunned and ask for what. He says to get him into residential school, Jagya has not come on track. Anandi tries to change his decision. But Bhairon is adamant and says this time no one can stop him.

    Shyam radha and thaiji arrives. Radha says she know how happy is it to see the beendini back at home. Shyam asks for Jagya, Anandi says he is in his room. He goes to talk to him. Jagya is crying and says he doesn't want to go to residential. Shyam says it could be good for him as he get new friends and all. Jagya is not happy. He asks Shyam to talk to bapu, if he doesn't listen even to him then he is ready to go anywhere but residential.

    Shyam talks to bhairon. Bhairon says he has decided, he will learn manners and value for money from there only. Shyam says he is not punishing Jagya for one or two days it's a life time punishment for him and he might turn against the family and might not come back. Bhairon is thinking.

    PRECAP: Shyam's thausa instigates MS to kill Sugna's baby. MS is shocked and says how can he kill a baby. Thausa says he is telling to kill the baby who is not yet born.

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