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    Default Balika Vadhu 26th June 2012 Written Update

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    Gauri stops Jagat from drinking. Katora couple start fighting in front of everyone. Despite everyone’s request to take their fight outside, they ignore everyone and continue to yell at each other. Gauri feels she did nothing wrong by recommending him. Jagat says that he had a good offer in Bangalore, but Gauri manipulated him to stay in Mumbai. Finally on being threatened by the manager to call the police, the two stop and Gauri walks off.
    DS goes to the temple and asks priest to pay tribute to her brother-in-law’s soul and that she is from Jetsar and to hurry up as she needs to return asap. A woman in the temple hears this and approaches DS. She asks DS if she knows Shivraj Shekhar. DS says she knows him very well. The woman reveals that Shiv’s proposal had been suggested for her daughter. DS is shocked.

    The woman asks about Shiv. DS says Shiv is a nice boy, but he is very short tempered and portrays him as a monster. The woman gets scared. DS says that Shiv does not like anyone contradicting him. She also tells the woman about Ashi and that perhaps they love each other. The woman is confused. DS thinks that she needs to move quickly regarding Shiv-An.

    Shiv returns to office and Bhim asks if he went to the haveli. Shiv says he met Anandi on the way. Bhim is relieved. He asks for permission to leave early and leaves. Shivu sees the streamer and remembers Anandi and smiles, looking lost. He then chides himself for behaving like a teenager and to control himself. He says no one knows its his birthday and even Bhim forgot. He wishes himself and then keeps the streamer in his pocket.
    Gehna comes to Anandi and gives her a sari to wear that DS wants her to wear. Anandi agrees.

    B&B discuss Shiv-An and wonder what DS will do. Anandi comes there with her hair falling over her shoulders, wearing a sari. Everyone compliments her. Anandi’s interview outside police station with Shivu plays on TV. In Mumbai, Katora couple watch this interview and are shocked. Jagya sees Shivu and his eyes pop out and he wonders who he is.

    Precap : Shivu comes to the haveli which is completely dark. Basanth calls out for lights. Anandi comes there with an arthi thaal and does aarthi to Shivu and wishes him Happy Birthday. Shivu is pleasantly surprised. The lights come on and everyone comes out wishing Shivu.



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