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    Default Balika Vadhu - 17th March 2011 Written Update

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    Its morning. The ladies are serving breakfast to the men. But, there is no Jagya (J). Gehna (G) comes with a tray and tells everyone that she'll goto J's room and serve him there itself. Bhairav (B) asks her to wait and tells her that J's not a guest. If he wants to have his breakfast then he'll come and have it here only. DS comes upstaris and tells G, "Yes u dont have to serve J..but not for taht reason, but because he's already gone. He left and has headed for Mumbai already. He left early this morning." SHOCK..!!Shocked Everyone is taken aback and they all look at her. DS starts to climb down the stairs and after that she stares everyone and goes and sits on her swing. Basant (T) asks..J went?? Tears roll down G's face... T continues..he went and did not even eat??.......Read more



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