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    Default "Avinash and I used to fight 24x7" : Avika Gor

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    Young and popular actress Avika Gor talks about her journey as Roli and memories related to her Balika Vadhu days in this conversation with us.

    We have seen the little Anandi of Balika Vadhu who touched our hearts with her innocence and her perfection of acting and now we are seeing the same girl who is now playing a character much older to her age in Colors' popular show Sasural Simar Ka. Yes, we are talking about the talented actress Avika Gor who is now equally loved by the audience as Roli like the way she was loved by all as Anandi.

    We quizzed Avika to know more about her journey with Sasural Simar Ka and also takes her down the memory lane towards her Balika Vadhu days.

    How has been your journey as Roli so far?

    Its a quite a 'journey' for me with Sasural Simar Ka because the characters I have got to play with this show is not just Roli. Its Roli, Jhumki, Vidya then for sometime, I have also played Taar Singh with those mustache, etc. So, its different to play Roli because when I was playing Anandi, it was the real 'me' playing Anandi. I didn't have to prepare for the dialogues as it was just the way I used to speak with my own body language because it was an 8 year old kid and I was an 8 year old kid that time. Now, its very different as today I am 16 and the girl I am playing is above 18 who is mature and her body language is different. So, I have to take care of all those things especially the dialogues as I speak a lot of Hindi in this (smiles). Sometimes it becomes difficult for me to pronounce those words very clearly like saying - 'Adharm pe dharm ki jeet' which is little difficult for me to speak. I had chosen French over Hindi in my school so its difficult for me but its fun.

    Do you take guidance from your co-stars?

    Of course I do because its really needed while playing a character which you are not. During our free time, when we all sit together, I just notice everybody's body language, their way or speaking like the way an 18 year old above person be. I remember once Nimishaji's shot was going on and I was watching her shot and I saw her giving one particular expression and I did not understand why she gave that so I questioned her about it. She told me that it was needed according to the flaw of the scene. Her character supposed to be the loud one and that very small expression which she gave, became the highlight of the scene. So, I get to learn so much from my co-actors and I am really fortunate to be here with all the senior actors with me. Jayati Bhatia who is the queen of theater, Nimishaji, who has been a writer, a teacher, are acting with me so its a pleasure working with all of them.

    How do you bond with Manish Raisinghani off-screen?

    I call him Shinchan off-screen and he calls me Mitzi. So, this how our chemistry is just like them. Shinchan's Mom's name is Mitzi. We always sit and do stupid things together and we make short films.

    How has your character evolved so far?

    Its beautiful! When Roli's character started initially, it wasn't like this. Initially, she was just a girl who loves to watch television and enact all the characters in it. She was a fun character but now she is above 18 and she is married and she is always with her sister for the betterment of her family. A beautiful message is being given to the audience as well as a girl like Roli can stand for the right. In today's scenario, people need to learn that women are not weak as they think. Women are very strong and that is what Roli is; she is super strong.

    When you were offered Roli, did you find it challenging to play?

    After Balika Vadhu, I was offered a lot of roles. I had taken 8 months gap because we just not wanted to jump into anything which I was being offered. It wouldn't have been the right choice if we would have done that. My parents were waiting for a very nice and a different character which would break my image of a village girl which I played in Balika Vadhu and a little older so that people won't connect me with Anandi. Ashwini ji who was the programming head of Colors that time, she said that, "Avika is the daughter of Colors and whatever we will choose for her, would be the best for her." She only asked me to play the character of Roli and we just blindly followed her (smiles).

    How has playing Anandi changed your life?

    How it did not! It has changed me completely. The way I used to meet people is different now, they way I used to walk in public is different now, the way I sit with people and enact is different because people keep asking me so many things about the story, about my career, and that is what has added a lot to my life. Now, people talk to me about so many things and after doing Balika Vadhu, I have reached a level where, lot of people meet me. I went to Kazakhistan for Balika Vadhu's promotion and there people know me. I also went to US, New york and Tokyo for the promotions and many other places and people are knowing me. So, its beautiful and it feels like a family with Colors because I was there from the very first day when Colors launched.

    Are you in touch with your Balika Vadhu team?

    Ofcourse I am especially with Surekha ji. She is so sweet to bring chocolates for me on the sets and she has pampered me a lot and I really love her a lot.

    How you used to bond with Avinash Mukherjee then?

    Till 10th maine usko jhela hai... (just kidding). He was in my school itself in my division only and both of us were the discipline incharge. He was the discipline incharge for the boys and I was for the girls and we both used to hate each other but not now (laughs). The worst part was that I had to go to his house once in a week because his Mom was my Geaography teacher. So, I had no other options. We used to fight 24x7 just because he never used to play Barbie Doll with me and I never used to play cricket with him. This was the only reason for our fights. That was so stupid reason (laughs).

    Do you visit to the sets of Balika Vadhu?

    Yes, I do! I put up a photo in my make-up room which is still there when Pratyusha di was there and when Toral di is there. It really feels nice and the crew members really miss me and I miss them too. Whenever I miss them, I just give them a call and I talk to them.

    Tell us something about your South movies?

    My one Telugu movie ran for 70 days which was a super hit there and the music was also a super hit. It also went for the National Award nomination and it feels really great. Now, I am doing one more Telugu movie. One movie I am doing which is in two languages, Hindi and Kannada which is Care of Footpath 2. Care of Footpath 1 was directed by a 9 year old Kishan Shrikanth who is a Guinness record holder. He is making the sequel of the movie which I am a part of.

    How are you managing 3 things together; your show, movies and your studies?

    I shoot here for around 2 weeks then I go to South (Bangalore) for the shoot. I have to go to the college also because I can't miss it. I have just given my exams and now waiting for my result and I hope that it would come as nice.

    You wanted to become a Miss Universe...

    I wanted to become Miss Universe becasue I wanted to get fit into everybody's heart and I want people to love me but may be now before participating into it I might get an opportunity to judge it (smiles).

    What are your future plans?

    Currently I am shooting for movies and Sasural Simar Ka and now I have a little baby Shiro, my pet. I have to take care of him by not shooting for long hours. He is just 4 months old. So, I have to take care of my baby now.



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