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    Default Anandi to catch Subhadra red-handed when harming Amol on Colors' Balika Vadhu

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    Anandi’s (Toral Rasputra) problems in Colors’ Balika Vadhu (Sphere Origins) will increase when she will be witness to Subhadra’s (Sushmita Mukherjee) animosity towards her son Amol (Shubham Jha).

    Viewers already know that the lady has been harming Amol in many ways, when she is alone with him. A frightened Amol has been hiding this truth from his mother.

    But a certain incident will bring the real face of Subhadra before Anandi.

    A source states, “Subhadra will be forcefully making Amol gulp a piece of chilli, when Anandi will catch her red-handed. Anandi will soon yell at Subhadra for ill-treating her son. However, the smart Subhadra will not accept the humiliation, and will go and complain against Anandi before Daddu (Sudhir Pandey).”

    We hear that there will be huge drama wherein Subhadra will threaten to leave the house, if Anandi would not take back her words. Ultimately, Anandi will be forced to apologize to Subhadra.

    However, this very incident will open Anandi’s eyes, and she will further investigate on the matter and will find out from Amol that Subhadra has always been nasty with him, even if he has been nice to her. This will make Anandi all the more pensive, and she will discuss this matter with Shiv (Siddharth Shukla).

    When contacted, Sushmita told us, “Well, you will have to see the sequence. I will not want to spoil it for the viewers. All I can say is that Subhadra will turn the tables against Anandi.”

    How will Anandi deal with Subhadra now, in order to safeguard Amol?

    Watch this interesting sequence starting tonight..



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