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    Default Adoption track in Balika Vadhu will give rise to a whole new line of thought and chain of events....

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    Colors’ long-running show Balika Vadhu kick-started five years back with the theme of child marriage and how the girl Anandi tackled life post her child marriage with her righteous paths and attitude. This popular Sphere Origin show has been a trend-setter in Indian television and has succeeded in spreading quite a lot of messages in the past to the audience by way of its story line.

    And now, this 1000 episode-club project will deal with the issue of adoption, as not the last alternative but as the first priority for even the healthy couples.

    Talking about raising this strong issue in Balika Vadhu, Prashant Bhatt – Fiction Head, Colors spoke to us saying, “After five long years, Balika Vadhu has got into a comfort zone. Our show which started off by raising questions over the concept of child marriage has gone on to address various other social issues. Frankly speaking, there was no need to enter into many more of these social causes, but with the kind of platform and connection with viewers that Balika Vadhu has, we thought of stepping into a completely different zone. This is when the talk of spreading awareness wherein not only people who cannot conceive, but also the ones who are into healthy married life can still opt for adopting a kid came in.”

    Speaking about adoption which is not well-received by society even today, Prashant averred, “Adoption will give a second chance and a second life to kids. It is the narrow mindset of people that block them from taking this positive step. And as far as Balika Vadhu is concerned, it is very easy to integrate such social issues in our show as Anandi (Toral Rasputra), our protagonist who is the voice of the show is so strong that people accept the authenticity with which she spreads messages and also tend to believe in her. Without sounding preachy, we would like to step up the gear by using the platform that we have, to spread awareness about adoption.”

    Stressing on the point, the Fiction Head explained, “Bringing in a new member into your family will change your life in a big way. It will bring a whole new life into your family. With this, the equations and perceptions will go for a change. And we will be tackling all this and talk of the pros and cons associated with adoption. Anandi could have easily had her own child, but the fact that she is going for adoption will raise a few questions. Obviously, the family members will wonder why Anandi is going in for adoption. There will be few of them supporting her in this cause, and at the same time, she will have some family members opposing her decision. Anandi will give the right answer to all of them, and in turn viewers will also get their answer on how noble adoption is.”

    Summing it up, he said, “This whole new track in Balika Vadhu will give rise to a whole new line of thought and chain of events.”

    Kudos to the Balika Vadhu team for standing up for this social cause!!!

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