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    Default Pati, patni and love test on Big Magic's Bal Gopal

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    “Love knows no boundaries,” is an old saying. Living up to this quote this week on Bal Gopal Kare Dhamaal (BIG Productions), Sharma Ji’s wife Sadhna will put Gopal Sharma (Satyajit Sharma) on a love test. Viewers will get to see Sharma Ji who lives a mundane life; get into another mess created by his wife soon in the show.

    “During a gossip session, Sadhna and her friends will decide to test their husband’s love for them,” shared a source.

    Sadhna will ask Sharma Ji if he still loves her to which he would get surprised. Sadhna would further ask him to write the seven sacred marriage vows to prove his profound love for her.

    Sharma ji would refuse to do so, to which an annoyed Sadhna will decide to leave the house. Their son Ravi seeing so much drama would also get upset thinking that his parents don’t love him. These situations will leave Sharma ji in a complete mess.

    Will Bal Gopal manage to come to Sharma ji’s rescue?

    We tried reaching Satyajit but his phone remained unavailable.

    The particular episode will air on Thursday (26 February).



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