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    Default JD Majethia gets talking about his show… India’s first alien based fiction comedy Badi Dooooor Se...

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    Roshesh’s poems and Maya’s attitude! Praful’s explanations and Hansa’s English! Jasuben’s advices and Mrs.Tendulkar, the first ever house-husband of TV. If you haven’t missed these exceptional characters and shows that got your ribs tickling in a non-stop laugh riot, you sure cannot miss a chance to have a look at this one

    The extremely talented and entertaining duo JD Majethia and Aatish Kapadia are back with Hats Off Productions launching a new science –fiction comedy family drama Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hai on the popular entertainment channel SAB TV.

    In conversation with us, Producer JD Majethia helps us get familiar with his upcoming venture.

    Talking about how the alien-comedy was conceptualized, the Producer said, “Initially we all sat together and brainstormed. We decided to do something different and completely out-of-the-box. But as the discussion progressed, none of us realized that the out of the box discussion turned into an out of the world concept. To revamp a concept like this into a family drama with humor and emotions is something that set us exploring. The concept also touches upon diversity and the struggle to fit in and not be ostracized. A struggle of an alien family to survive in a world of humans and get acquainted with concepts like emotions, lifestyle, norms, rules etc can be seen. This is a first of its kind series. An alien based comedy is a concept that no other show or channel has explored or experimented; it is sure to entertain the masses.”

    Hats Off Productions has always been masters at bringing to life various concepts revolving around comedy. Talking about being the ‘drivers’ in this genre of work, JD said, “The impression that people have of us of restricting ourselves to comedy is very wrong. Agreed, our comedy is at a completely new level and is out of the box. But we have also created shows that have touched upon other genres and have been a delightful part and parcel of TV entertainment like Shree on Zee TV which had a supernatural element, Behenien (Star Plus), Ek Packet Umeed (NDTV Imagine). But when it comes to comedy, people expect a lot from us as it’s our forte. Our hearty comedy shows like Mrs.Tendulkar (SAB TV), Jasuben Jayantilal joshi ki joint family (NDTV Imagine), Khichdi (Star Plus), Baa Bahu Aur Baby (Star Plus), RK Laxman ki Duniya (SAB TV) and of course Sarabhai vs Sarabhai (Star One) have given us respect and fame in the industry. So yes, comedy is what we are good at; we enjoy working on it and have a lot of experience in it too.”

    On the level of expectation that this new show holds and on the pressure of living up to trendsetters like Sarabhai V/s Sarabhai, JD averred, “There is always a lot of pressure when you launch a new show. Everybody wants their shows to touch new heights on the channel they are being broadcasted on. We have obviously put in a lot of effort and invested a lot into this show not just in terms of the story but also the casting and characterization. We have made a show which will compliment Taarak Mehta since there haven’t lately been shows to match the level of Taarak Mehta. We have brought in a completely novel concept. Let’s just hope for the best and expect that our hard work bears fruit.”

    Tune in to Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hai from 9 June 2014 at 9:30PM only on SAB TV.



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