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    Default I wish some writer takes note of me and pens a story where I could fit in, says Juhi Aslam

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    Juhi Aslam became a household name courtesy her role of Bharti in Imagine TV’s Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo. The girl feels that this concept on the life of a midget was a life-turning opportunity for her and her family.

    On her sweet and bitter experiences of being part of the industry, Juhi says, “The journey was amazing and I felt good being part of this unique show. The financial condition of my family has gotten better. Baba was always a risky concept, and with time the channel was forced to deviate from the main concept to gain TRPs. I have seen everything in this journey of mine – success, appreciation, change of production house, abrupt closure of the channel etc. It was disheartening to see the channel close down without prior notice. It came as a very big shock for me and my family. I was not even shooting when it happened; I was in my home town for the marriage of my brother when the news broke.”

    She goes on, “I personally feel the leap happened too early. We could have played a lot with Bharti’s life, her problems, her college life etc. The problems I faced in real life could have been shown to stress more on the concept. Having said this, not much could have been done when you are showing Bharti’s marriage in the 8th episode itself. The kidnap track followed by the kid’s birth and then the leap meant that there was not much to show as Bharti journey from her youth to old age was already shown.”

    Nevertheless, Juhi feels proud of her achievement, and that she could send out a message to the society in the short life span the show had. “People like me, gained the confidence to live through the show, and that is what matters. I hope to come back to the television world. I wish some writer takes note of me, and pens a story where I could fit in. I am playing the waiting game as of now. If I don’t get any offers, I will go back to my studies. I have completed my bachelors’ degree; I will pursue my post graduation after which I want to study medicine.”

    Lastly, Juhi wants to thank the most important men in her life. “Firstly, I want to thank my uncle Jaan who convinced my parents to bring me to Mumbai and seek work. I owe a lot to my papa who accepted Jaan’s word and brought me to Mumbai. And finally, without Raakesh Paswan sir’s help, Bharti and Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo would not have happened. He was the one who created Bharti and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.”

    Juhi…viewers would love to see you back on TV!!!



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