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    Default Bharti's past life to get revealed in Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo!

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    Bharti regains her memory in Baba Aiso Varr...

    It seems Imagine's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo, after focusing on the drama in Bharti's (Juhi Aslam) life, will finally shift its focus on its core concept of dwarfism.

    Read further to get a clear picture…

    As per the current track a source quips, "Currently Bharti has lost her memory due to an accident and is staying with a Baba at his Ashram. Being in the Ashram and with the lost memory, Bharti will try to find out her identity and also will try to dig out the the reason as to why she is a dwarf."

    "In the coming episodes, when Bharti is meditating, she goes into a Trans and will get to know her identity and all the facts about her present birth. Later on, she will get in touch with a tantrik who will help her to know more about her dwarfism. Thereafter it will be revealed that Bharti's dwarfism has a deep connection to her past life, "informs source.

    Talking about Bharti's past life a source informs, "Bharti was a very beautiful girl in her past life but at the same time, she was proud and rude to others about her beauty and that's the reason why she is born as a dwarf in this birth."

    "Bharti will be happy on getting her lost memory back, but on the other hand will be a bit sad on knowing the fact about her past life, "adds source.

    We contacted Juhi who says, "Yes, even I have heard something like this going to happen. Let's wait and watch."



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