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    Default Spoiler Alert: Datiyani to kidnap Baal Veer with Roopbadlugoli in Baal Veer!

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    Audience to see Datiyani Pari to kidnap Rangbadlugoli on SAB TV's Baal Veer

    Children's special super hero series Baal Veer is so far doing well with the audience and for the channel as well. The short stories that the makers come up with have fascinated the kids more than anyone else. Upcoming episodes of the show will certainly keep the audience glued to their couches.

    "The coming episodes are based on story of Roopbadlugoli. A kid named Bhargav keeps calling Baal Veer (Dev Joshi) for petty things. Baal Veer on this gets annoyed, tells him not to call him for such silly things. He even goes on to say that if this continues to happen, he will stop rescuing him even if he is in severe trouble. Datyani Pari (Reshmi Ghosh) gets to know about this and plans a trick to take Baal Veer in her custody. She gives a medicine named Roopbadlugoli which has the ability to change the face of one person to other. Datyani Pari feeds this medicine to Bhargav and makes him look like Baal Veer and does the same with Baal Veer making him look like Bhargav. According to her plan, she kidnaps Baal Veer. Other Parees over sees what Datyani Pari did and comes to Baal Veer's rescue. Once he is back to his consciousness, Baal Veer gets furious and stones Datiyani Pari for what she did", adds a source.

    Isn't this an interesting sequence guys?

    Keep reading this space for more updates on your favourite shows!



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