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    Default SAB TV's Balveer turns role model!

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    Child actor Dev Joshi’s fitness funda is to cycle from home to the sets and also in between shots!

    A fitness regime is very essential in an individual's life and Balveer's main lead, Dev Joshi thinks so too! Dev Joshi who is a popular child artist and now a role model for many believes in the importance of staying fit and dedicates a good amount of time to exercising.

    Deepshikha Nagpal who plays Bavander pari on the show was aware of his love for fitness workouts.
    Since gym is absolutely not an option for the young actor, she suggested that he should include cycling as a part of his fitness regime as it will help him stay fit and increase his height too.

    However, with an erratic work schedule and school life to balance out, Dev Joshi doesn't seem to find time to indulge in fitness workouts too much. But his love for good health doesn't allow him to sit back. Adamant to integrate cycling with his daily workout regime, the child actor came up with a brilliant idea. Since, Dev Joshi stays fifteen minutes away from the set he decided that he would cycle to the sets every day with his mom following him in a rickshaw! That's not it, he also utilizes the time on-set between scenes to ride his cycle.

    Dev Joshi exclaimed, "I have always loved cycling! Cycling is a lot of fun and I go out with my friends regularly. I also travel to the sets everyday on my cycle because it is also a great form of exercise. It is a fun form of exercise and my legs don't hurt much either."

    It seems like giving great performances each day on SAB TV's Balveer is not enough for Dev! His fitness mantra is sure to get a lot of his young fans following his footsteps. What a great way to set an example!



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