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    Default 'I have never read fairy tales'- Sangeeta Khanyat

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    Sangeeta Khanyat plays Aarpaar Pari on SAB TVís Baal Veer. When she grants her magic to anyone, that person can travel without any boundaries. We in conversation with Sangeeta...

    Do you think it's a challenge to play a fairy?
    It's not a challenge but great fun to play a fairy.

    Did you prepare to play a fairy?
    Producer Vipul Shah did a workshop with the entire team where he explained to us about our characters. He emphasized on the fact that each fairy was different and we would have to have different expressions.

    What are your favourite books on fairies?
    I read spiritual books. I have listened to fairy tales told by parents and grandparents when I was a child. However I have never read fairy tales. I have watched fairy shows on TV.

    What are your favourite films on fairies?
    There was a Jeetendra movie on fairies, I am forgetting the film title.

    Did the Tooth Fairy visit you as a child?
    No, never.

    Did you believe in fairies as a child?
    I believe in God.

    Please tell me about your fairy costume and makeup.
    I sport a subtle look.

    If you wanted a fairy to grant you one wish what would it have been?
    I would wish to be happy.

    You play Aarpaar Pari who can travel through various objects in real life. Do you think it would be fun for you in real life to travel through objects?
    Yes. I love the character I am playing.



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