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    Default Paresh Bhatt to enter as Tauji, Chhal Pari to lock paris in Pari Lok in SAB TV's Baalveer

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    The current episodes of SAB TVís Baalveer (Optimystix Productions) are getting all the more interesting as Chhal Pari (Sugandha Mishra) is trying various tricks to kill Baalveer (Dev Joshi).

    While earlier we have seen the usage of magical treasures, keys and crystal wands, this time the show will bring in a magical golden lock as its primary prop.

    Additionally, Paresh Bhatt, who is currently seen in Sahara Oneís Firangi Bahu, has been roped in to essay a cameo role as Tauji who is supposed to add up fun-filled elements in the show.

    The next story of this Optimystix Productions will present and introduce a Suraksha Taala (magical lock) that will be used to increase the life of Pari Lok as the time of it would be set to expire. However, the USP of the lock will be such that it can be used to protect the Pari Lok from expiry only if it is locked by performing proper rituals in the morning.

    But as things have to take an evil turn, there would come an interesting twist where the lock will be stolen by Chhal Pari and she will end up locking the beautiful paris in Pari Lok.

    On the other hand, Tauji will pay a visit to Baalveerís family on Prithvi Lok and will be seen involving the characters in comic situations.

    So how will Baalveer save the paris now? When we contacted Dev Joshi aka Baalveer, he said, ďThe evil has to come to an end and it is for sure. But the strategy Baalveer adopts to put an end to the evil is something interesting.Ē

    We tried to contact Paresh, but he remained unavailable.

    Letís sincerely await the fun-filled track to unfold!!!



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