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    Default Major conflict to break out between Baalveer and Chhal Pari

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    SAB TVís Baalveer (Optimystix Productions) has an interesting twist in its upcoming episodes.

    As of what viewers have experienced, Chhal Pari (Sugandha Mishra) has come up with another ploy by which she inserted a fake negative aura (mask) around Manav (Rudra Soni) and under its influence, he is enjoying sadism by troubling other kids. Watching this, Chhal Pari has now decided to get this fake aura around all the children. But for that, she would need a lot of energy.

    The upcoming episodes will witness paris celebrating Surya Purnima, a day when the sun gives a lot of light that can produce energy. And on the day of celebration, the paris will fill up all the energy in Gaal Pariís (Lavina Tandon) balloon and store it to present it to Taraaz Pari (Rashmi Singh). However, Chhal Pari will end up stealing the energy for her vicious plans.

    So will Baalveer help in the damage control?

    When we contacted Dev Joshi, he stated, ďThough Chhal Pari has never been successful, she is carrying out her evil plans to defeat Baalveer. But this time around, the situation will turn such that it will be a real challenge for both of them as the one who would consume the most energy will have all the powers. So letís wait and watch what unfolds further.Ē

    Keep reading this space for more updates!!!



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