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    Default All isn't hunky dory in Fairy Land in Baal Veer

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    Ethereal beauty Aditi Sajwan speaks of her role as Natkhat Pari on SAB TVís upcoming show Baal Veer

    In English folklore, Puck is a mythological fairy who is known for his mischievous and prankster nature. Now we have our desi feminine version of Puck on Indian television. Natkhat Pari (essayed by Aditi Sajwan) on Baal Veer who is bestowed with mischievous powers- she can make anyone look funny by making that person's hair stand in the air, all sweets can stick to her body thanks to the magnetic power, she can transform a boy to an animal or toy and she helps children in unusual and quirky ways.

    Aditi says on her role, "Natkhat Pari is a very different role from all the other paris as she has this human touch to her. She isn't a demure and composed pari at all, in fact she is up to pranks because of which at one time Rani Pari will take away all her powers." Natkhat Pari however loves kids. Aditi explains, "She is always positive and good with kids."

    Were the girls chosen as fairies on the basis of their beauty? Aditi laughs, "I don't know that for sure but when you imagine paris you think about ethereal beauty and royalty while they walk."

    What was kept in mind while doing Natkhat Pari's costume and makeup? Aditi replies, "Fairies always have worn long flowing birthday party doll kind of costumes. Every pari however has a different personality. Accordingly each fairy has distinct makeup and jewellery too. My makeup and jewellery for instance has a lot of childishness in it. I am after all the Natkhat Pari. Accordingly my look is very light pinkish in tone and my wand itself has the symbol of a butterfly which is completely different from all the other paris."

    Of course all the pretty fairies have wings and can fly. So how was the flying effect done? Aditi informs us, "From above a 20 feet height we were hanging from a rope and belt safely fastened to our bodies."

    However all isn't hunky dory in Fairy Land. There will be fights as after all the fairies have been split into two distinct groups. Aditi tells us, "The bigger group is of Rani Pari, the other group is headed by Bhayankar Pari who will bring together paris who are dissatisfied with their positions and want to create problems with others."

    This show will of course concentrate on the triumph of good over evil and will primarily be a happy show. Aditi concludes, "It's important that as entertainers we portray the brighter side of life rather than problems. We already know that there are a lot of problems and mishaps in the world. However we show wonderful things on our show- people getting resurrected and being saved by paris and super kids."



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