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    Default This Holi Baal Veer unfolds the story of magical colors

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    This Holi, Baal Veer is all set to take all of its viewers on an adventurous trip to Parilok.

    This Holi, Baal Veer is all set to take all of its viewers on an adventurous trip to Parilok. Baal Veer portrayed by Dev Joshi and his set of friends counter wicked and negative intentions of evil forces and upholds natural justice and order of the system. With this kind of an interesting story line they are leaving no stone unturned to keep its viewers glued to their show with a new twist and turns to it.

    With holi being around the corner the show is all geared up to come up with an unexpected turn to their story line. Apparently the kids who are all excited about celebrating Holi with Baal Veer and the fairies are going to fall prey to Bhayankar's plan who has joined hands with Sarangee Pari to cause trouble for everyone on earth. Bhayankar's plan who with the help of Sarangee Pari has made a color which is capable of causing memory loss. Unaware about this situation Sarangee paints all kids in those colors and they tend to forget Baalveer and hence Baalveer's identity is lost.

    This leads to Baalveer to fight out with Sarangee but she manages to run away. Baalveer and fairies eventually finds out that by destroying the shakti tree' which is the root source of the magical color will help the kids get their memory back.

    Will Baal Veer along with the other fairies manage to help the children get out of Sarangee Pari's curse by defeating her? Will Sarangee Pari accept defeat or will she come up with another plan to fight against Baal Veer? Will the children be able to celebrate Holi filled with fun and laughter?



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