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    Default 'I haven't read fairy tales'- Sharmilee Raj

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    Baal Pari (on SAB TVís Baal Veer which will be launched tonight) can use her hair like a web or a rope to throw, catch and trap things. She can block anything with her rope looking hair. We in talks with Sharmilee Raj who plays Baal Pari

    Do you think it's a challenge to play a fairy?
    It isn't a challenge to play a fairy but great fun. It is after all a fantasy so there is a lot that can be done with the character. I play a sweet and fun loving fairy. I play Baal Veer's mom. I have taken him from earth to Pari Lok. I fight evil with the power in my hair. I can tie up people with it.

    Did you prepare to play a fairy?
    I didn't have to prepare. However there was a look test. I had to work on getting the exact look.

    What are your favourite books on fairies?
    Alice in Wonderland.

    I don't think there were fairies in Alice in Wonderland...
    I haven't read fairy tales as I haven't been into fantasy while growing up. However Alice in Wonderland is a lovely fantasy tale.

    Did the Tooth Fairy visit you as a child?
    No, never.

    Did you believe in fairies as a child?
    I still believe in fairies and in angels too. Fairies I feel have the power to make your wishes come true.

    Please tell me about your fairy costume and makeup.
    My costume is beautifully pink with soft patterns like roses in it. I have light pinkish natural makeup.

    If you wanted a fairy to grant you one wish what would it have been?
    I would wish that our show Baal Veer becomes a super duper hit. Not just kids but also adults should enjoy it.

    Is it your own hair that we see on the show? Or have they added hair extensions or have you worn a wig?
    As my hair in the show is 10 feet long it can't be my real hair. It is quite heavy too. Obviously, hair extensions have been used.



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