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    Default 'I haven't read books on fairies'- Lavina Tandon

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    Gaal Pari can blow out a gigantic bubble from her cheeks which saves people who are falling from a height. We in talks with Lavina Tandon who plays Gaal Pari on SAB TVís Baal Veer......

    Did you prepare to play a fairy?
    I didn't really prepare to play the role of a fairy. However, when I am enacting a fairy I make sure to be positive and sweet, so that kids like me. In the creative meetings we were told to be careful about our expressions while emoting.

    Is it fun to play a fairy?
    It is surely fun to play a fairy as I after all get to wear amazing costumes. As we have so many fairies on the show the ambience is very jolly. I am happy to play one.

    What are your favourite books on fairies?
    Actually I am quite impatient so I haven't read books on fairies.

    What are your favourite films on fairies?
    I can't remember.

    Did the Tooth Fairy visit you as a child?
    No, never. In fact when I lost a tooth my mom would always tell me to toss it on the roof top.

    Did you believe in fairies as a child?
    Yes. As I child I would often request my mom to buy certain things for me but she would refuse. I would wish before I went to bed that some fairy would give me all those things that my mom refused to buy. The next day however there was no gift.

    Do you still in a way believe in fairies?
    I don't believe in fairies but I surely do believe in angels. I believe angels have been guiding me in both my personal and professional life.

    Please tell me about your fairy costume and makeup.
    I think I am the luckiest among all fairies to have the lightest costume. My costume is peach coloured, with one side off shoulder with net. As I am enacting a fairy I had to put orange sparkles on my eye lids and since I am Gaal Pari, I had to put more blusher.

    If you wanted a fairy to grant you one wish what would it have been?
    I have done both positive and negative roles. I have played parallel leads too. However I am still waiting for a big break. I would wish for a big break and a Bollywood debut.

    What kind of feedback have you got from this role?
    Kids love this show especially when Baal Veer enters. They admire the graphics too. My cousins' kids (my nephews and nieces) love this show. An aunt of mine wants to watch a certain serial on a Hindi GEC which has a lot of fights in it. However it runs at the same time slot as Baal Veer. Finally the kids won the battle over the remote and watch Baal Veer. When my nephews and nieces meet me in real life, they are disappointed that I can't fly like I do on the show.



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