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    Default "Game launch of Baal Veer came as a surprise to me"

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    Says Lavina Tondon who plays the character of Gaal Pari in the show Baal Veer. She seems to be very excited and happy for the game which was being launched for her show Baal Veer.

    The talented actress Lavina Tondon who is currently seen playing the character of Gaal Pari in the show Baal Veer on SAB TV and the role of Rukaiya Begum in the show Jodha Akbar on Zee TV, seems to be very happy for the launch of the game for the show Baal Veer.
    On the same we got in touch with Lavina to know more about the game, her reaction towards it, how difficult is it for her to manage shooting for both the shows, playing two different characters at the same time and much more with us.

    Let's see what Lavina has to say...

    What do you have to say about the game launch for your show Baal Veer?
    I am very excited that there has been a game launched for Baal Veer. It came in as a surprise to me and the other team members of our show, it is definitely a pride moment for all of us. I should say that our hard work has payed off really well (smiles).

    Any childhood memories you recollect when you see the game which is launched for the show Baal Veer?
    I used to play Ludo, Uno, Business game, Snakes and Ladders in my childhood. In fact even till date whenever I am bored, I along with my friends choose to play these games. It is a happy moment for me as soon as I will play my show's own game which is a bit similar to Snakes and Ladders with my family members and friends. After the game launch I feel that I am relieving my childhood days.

    How is it being a reel life fairy?
    In my childhood days I used to think of becoming a fairy and I used to believe that there are real fairies too. But we actually used to face reality when we grew up and we realized that we used to live in a imaginary world. But I am really happy that I got to play a role of a fairy in reel life, what makes me even the more happy is that children's now think that I am a fairy and they relate to us well. Even when I am in malls or any other public place, kids come to me and they feel that I am a fairy in real life too.

    How do you manage to shoot wearing heavy costumes and jewelry?
    I am lucky that I have the lightest costume with minimum jewellery. I just love my costume as it is very simple and stylish, so I have no complaints at all with the producers and shooting for long hours in this costume.

    How difficult is it to shoot for the show Baal Veer and Jodha Akbar at the same time?
    Yes, it is difficult for me at times but not always have to shoot for Baal Veer and Jodha Akbar. As for Baal Veer I have to shoot in Mumbai and for Jodha Akbar I have to go all the way to Karjat to shoot for the show. But I must say that the producers of both the shows are very cordial and supportive, so I don't face much problems.

    You are playing two different characters in both the shows, so do you face any problems while shooting?
    Sometimes, I do face problems while shooting for Baal Veer as I am playing the role of a fairy and in Jodha Akbar I am playing a negative character. Both the characters are absolutely opposite to each other. But currently I am much relaxed as the current episodes of the Jodha Akbar is shooting another track so I don't have to be present for the shooting of Jodha Akbar at the moment.

    How is it working with your co-actor Rajat Tokas? You had earlier too done a show along with him...
    I know Rajat Tokas from past 5 years. We both had done the historical show Prithvraj Chauhan together. He was different Rajat then and a different Rajat now. Rajat is very much professional now and is very reserved, so we don't talk as much as we did during our first show, but that is absolutely fine as we are very much supportive to each other when it comes to work. Even I reply accordingly, as he is moody.



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