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    Default "I do feel that I am a big boy now": Dev Dushyant Kumar Joshi

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    Dev Dushyant Kumar Joshi who plays the adorable kid Baal Veer on SAB TV’s Baal Veer is a thirteen-year-old seventh grader studying in Hiramani School in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. This wonder kid commutes between Ahmedabad and Mumbai regularly to both report to the sets and attend school. Currently his exams are going on, yet he is diligently managing both. “I shoot for 15 days in a month and I go to school for the other 10 days.” When this boy isn’t shooting or studying he skates, learns swimming and cycles.

    Dev is an ordinary mortal whereas Baal Veer is a super hero. Yet they have one thing in common. Dev avers, “Like Baal Veer I always speak the truth.”
    If he could have been miraculously endowed with one super power, he would have wished he could fly. He told us, “Flying awes me. In fact I want to be an air force pilot when I grow up. I will learn sky diving and bungee jumping right after I reach 18.”

    If a fairy had granted him the conventional three wishes, he would have wished to have the accumulative powers of all the fairies in Baal Veer, that good luck would come to his family members and so that he could attain his dream of being a pilot.

    Dev’s favourite subject in school is history. In fact, he would be glad to play a historical character. “I would love to play one of the kings who sacrificed his life for India.”

    He admits that though there are some classmates who are jealous of him, there are others who are proud of him too. His best friend in class in Yaksh Shukla with whom he has been good friends since the fifth standard.

    Just a few years ago Dev was a child who would listen to the stories his mother and grandmother would tell him during bedtime. At that time, little did he know that he would act in a serial on fairies.

    On stepping into his teens, he feels, “In a way early teenage isn’t really different from childhood. Nevertheless, I do feel that I am a big boy now.”



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