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    Default Fairy of Illusions on Baal Veer

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    Manisha Thakkar who plays Bhatakti Pari on Baal Veer on SAB TV is a Reiki Healer who really believes in fairies.

    hatakti Pari can create illusions making people wander about. To execute her magic, she enchants the mantra and her eyes have circular graphic effect and to whomever she sees that person also has the same circular graphical effect. If that person is holding a tray of stones and pebbles, because of the magic, he will see gulab jamuns instead of pebbles and that person may start devouring them because of the illusion created by her.

    Manisha Thakkar who plays Bhatakti Pari adds, "I after all have a power of illusions. If you are going on the right side, I will make you go on the left side. If you going straight ahead I will make you go backwards."

    Manisha being a professional Reiki healer genuinely believes in fairies. She explains, "I believe in both fairies and angels; positive and negative auras. Angels and fairies protect us."

    On her role in the show, Manisha further says, "As I am playing a very positive fairy, I have a sparkly and positive aura. I also sport shimmery makeup."



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