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    Default Chhal Pari's entry to spice up the plot in SAB TV's Baal Veer

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    Sugandha Mishra aka Chhal Pariís entry in SAB TVís Baal Veer in the coming episode will spike up an exciting incident to entertain the fans.

    As per what a source informs us, Chhal Pari will enter Prithvilok and pose as a threat to Meher. How? Letís find out.

    As per the powers Chhal Pari possesses, she can not only trick people but also convert herself into whatever she wants. Chhal Pari converts herself into a car and tries to ram over Meher (Anushka Sen), with the intention of killing her. Looking at this Baal Veer (Dev Joshi), the savior of children saves Meher.

    Just as we think the story is going to end happily, there is another twist in the tale.

    Just as Baal Veer saves her, he ends up dropping her close to a trench and witnessing this; the Paris get annoyed with Baal Veer and take away all his powers as a punishment.

    We tried contacting Sugandha but she remained unavailable for comment. We hence contacted the lead, Dev Joshi who said, ďWell, this episode will mark entry of Chhal Pari and she will pose a threat to Meher. I cannot reveal much apart from this.Ē



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