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    Default Board game turns out to be a 'bad game' in Baal Veer

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    SAB TVís fantastical TV show Baal Veer portrayed by Dev Joshi is doing everything they can to keep its viewers glued to their show. This is one kind of a show where superhero - Baal Veer takes all of its viewers on an adventurous trip to Parilok.

    Baal Veer who is the savior of Parilok and the children he focuses on protecting them from the evil intentions of the evil Paris and denizens of the dark. Baal Veer and his set of friends counter evil and negative intentions of evil forces and uphold natural justice and order of the system.

    In the upcoming episodes the evil Paris get involved and create a bad mess for the children playing a simple board game. Weird, isnít it? What happens is these evil Paris decide to trap the children in the board game that they are playing. While the children are playing the game of rolling the dice, the evil Paris cast their magical spell and get the kids trapped in the jungle. The kids being scared get hassled and cry for help.

    What will Baal Veer do? Will he be able to find the place where the children are trapped? Will good conquer over evil?

    Watch the show for answers.



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