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    Default Bhayankar Pari to misuse the power of 'magical pen' in SAB TV's Baalveer

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    Optimystix Productionsí Baalveer on SAB TV is definitely a hit amongst the kids as they enjoy the entertaining episodes where truth triumphs over evil in the magical land.

    In the coming episodes, fairies will gift magical pens to the kids of Pari Lok. There will be five types of pens where each pen will have different types of power like an invisible pen, an unbreakable pen, a never ending pen, a colourful pen and one more pen which will have a unique power. What? Well, whatever one would write on it would turn into reality.

    Malicious Bhayankar Pari (Shweta Kawatra) will once again use her evil moves and steal the pen with the unique power. She will go on to create havoc with the power of the pen.

    We called Aditi Sajwan, who plays Natkhat Pari, shared, ďI donít know much about the upcoming track. But I would like to share that our show has come up with a new contest for kids where they can send their sketches and letters to their favourite Baalveer characters. And at the end of the show the lucky kidís sketch or letter will be shown. Isnít it amazing? I am pretty excited about it.Ē

    So all the kids out there grab the opportunity now!



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