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    Default There is a Bhayankar Pari in each human being'- Shama Sikander

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    Can a fairy create terror? For sure, if she is Bhayankar Pari

    If there is light, there will be darkness. If there is good, there will be evil. If there's an angelic fairy, there will be a fairy who can reign havoc. Bhayankar Pari (Shama Sikander) is an evil pari who has been evicted from Pari Lok because of her negative attitude to everyone. She lives in Bhayankar Lok and aims to head Pari Lok and control Earth with her evil powers.

    Speaking on her role in Baal Veer on SAB TV, Shama says, "There is a Bhayankar Pari in every human being, which comes out from time to time. She was once a very good pari but didn't get appreciation for her good deeds. Out of frustration she starts misusing her powers. Being the most beautiful of all fairies and the most powerful, she feels she can do anything. She is also a bahurupi fairy."

    Interestingly Shama feels that this negative character is helping her to become a positive person. She explains, "This role is taking out my negativity and making me a calmer person. It's bringing me a lot of joy and a spiritual growth within."

    Shama points out that too much of power corrupts people and that Bhayankar Pari is no exception. However she insists that though this fairy instils fear in innocent mortals, she is at heart a good fairy who ultimately wishes to make this world a better place.

    When Producer Vipul Shah offered her this role she just couldn't say no. After all her character has a uniquely different look. Instead of wearing a heavy silk saree with a pallu like every other bahu of TV does; she decks up as a princess for this role.

    Shama has thoroughly enjoyed doing the flying scenes. Though she did get slightly bruised in the process, she says that it was great fun doing the action scenes.



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