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    Default Bhayankar Pari to fight with an Octopus in Baal Veer

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    Optimystix's Baal Veer on SAB TV, is currently showing a warfare between Baalveer (Dev Joshi) and Bhayankar Pari (Shama Sikander) as she has the power of Pari tara and it is her solemn wish to capture everything, including the earth, that is Dharti lok.

    In the warfare, all the paris are fighting each other where some of the paris are helping Bhayankar Pari, while a few of them are helping the good Natkhat pari (Aditi Sajwan).

    The upcoming sequences, graphics will have a major role to play when the sequence will show an underwater fight.

    Our source informs us that soon there will be an underwater fight where they will show the water world that includes Maya Veer Parvat wherein Baal veer will tell an octopus to fight with Bhayankar pari. And while the fight is on, Bhayankar pari will lose her Pari tara and with that she will lose all her powers.

    Since Natkhat pari has double powers, she will save all the kids from Dharti lok. In this chaos, Bhayankar pari will walk away with the statue of Rani pari but all the efforts of getting Rani pari back to normalcy will be a difficult task for all the paris.

    When we contacted Aditi Sajwan, she confirmed the news by saying, “The upcoming episodes will have loads of graphics and a lot of other exciting things.”



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