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    Default Bhayanak battle for Pari Tara in SAB TV’s Baal Veer

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    Optimystix’s Baal Veer, on SAB TV, will soon see a maha fight between all the paris (fairies) on one side and Bhayankar Pari (Shama Sikander) on the other.

    Our source informs us that there will be a fight between Rani Pari (Karishma Tanna) and Bhayankar Pari (Shama Sikander) as the latter wants Pari Tara (star diamond) with the help of which she can capture all the three loks, namely Prithvi Lok (Earth), Pari Lok (Heaven) and Bhayankar Lok (Hell).

    Furthermore, Natkhat Pari (Aditi Sajwan) and Dooba Dooba, two dwarfs, have come down on earth to protect everyone from the misdoings of Bhayankar Pari in absence of Baal Veer (Dev Joshi) who is in Bhayankar Lok fighting evil.

    Ultimately, in the battle for Pari Tara, fairies will emerge victorious over Bhayanak Pari.

    When contacted, Dev Joshi said, “This Maha episode is very exciting and interesting,” while Aditi Sajwan described the fight between Bhayankar Pari and Rani Pari as, “good winning over evil.”

    All this will be part of a one hour special episode on SAB TV which will air on 1 December between 8 and 9 pm.



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