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    Default 'Bhari Pari is very emotional'- Danica Moadi

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    Bhari Pari starts crying in every situation. Why? Danica Moadi who plays Bhari Pari in Baal Veer on SAB TV explains..

    Do you think it's a challenge to play a fairy?

    It surely is a challenge to play a fairy. It's not playing a normal character, but an out-of-the-world one. It is tough doing the flying scenes. We are tied to a harness that lifts us up. It's difficult to manage that for two hours along with our costume and jewellery.

    Did you prepare to play a fairy?

    Not really. The fact that I had played a fairy on stage in school helped me.

    What are your favourite books on fairies?

    Rather than books I remember the fairy stories my parents told me. They would for instance tell me that if I would eat a certain food like a good girl, the fairy would give me a gift.

    What are your favourite films on fairies?

    I haven't seen any film on fairies.

    Did the Tooth Fairy visit you as a child?

    The Tooth Fairy would visit me like Santa Claus did and leave me gifts.

    Did you believe in fairies as a child?

    I was told about fairies so many times that I started believing in them. In fact when a fleecy cloud went by I thought that a fairy was passing.

    Do you still in a way believe in fairies?

    I believe in good and evil. Fairies are a sign of goodness. They can heal.

    Please tell me about your fairy costume and makeup.

    It is a long and flowing costume. I wear silver and diamond jewellery.

    If you wanted a fairy to grant you one wish what would it have been?

    I would wish that I could play a fairy without using a harness.

    Fairies are expected to smile. However Bhari Pari cries. Please comment.

    Bhari Pari is very emotional. Whenever she sees something sad tears come to her eyes. In fact she cries when she is happy too.



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