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    Default Baalveer goes six days a week, Mogambo Gobango to get destructive and create chaos....

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    SAB TVís Baalveer (Optimystix Productions) has rolled out an interesting track by introducing Akshay Sethi as the new negative lead. He would play a cameo that of Mogambo Gobango.

    The character will play a magician who escaped from jail after 150 years of imprisonment and is on the run to destruct all the Loks and create chaos there.

    In the coming episodes, Mogambo Gobango will get hold of a Karamati coat, a magical coat which fulfills the desires of people who write in a chit mentioning their wishes and put the same in a pocket of the coat.

    The story will take a sudden turn with the disappearance of the garland of Indumati Pari. On visiting the Itihaas Lok, Baalveer (Dev Joshi) and the other paris will realize of how Mogambo Gobango plans to club the garland with the ring of Raja Chandrawan which will create Pari Taara from the Suraksha kavach. This can lead to devastation of all the three Loks- Prithvi Lok, Patal Lok and the Pari Lok.

    Will Baalveer be able to save the world from the evil Mogambo Gobango?

    When we contacted Dev Joshi (Balveer), he stated, ďWith the introduction of the evil character of Mogambo Gabongo, we are all set to experience the thrill of saving the world. Letís wait and watch what happens next.Ē

    Furthermore, in another development, the fantasy show has gone six days a week and from now on will air from Monday to Saturday.

    The channel PR officials confirmed the development.

    We buzzed channel head Anooj Kapoor but he did not respond till the time of filing the article. We shall soon update the space.



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