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    Default Baal Veer's new track to focus on Dooba Doobas and the case of flying helmets

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    After having seen the solving of the case of the missing monuments all round the world, fans of SAB TVís Baal Veer (Optimystix Productions) will witness more interesting episodes in the coming days.

    An upcoming episode of Baal Veer will focus on the subject revolving around Dooba Dooba (Shridhar Watsar). It so happens that the entire fraternity of Dooba Doobas (sixty to seventy Dooba Doobas) will be upset and will complain to Rani Pari (Shruti Seth) about how they cannot fly like all the Paris and face a lot of problems because of this.

    After a discussion between Rani Pari and Natkhat Pari (Aditi Sajwan), they will come to understand their problem and will gift all the Dooba Doobas a flying helmet (helmet with a fan above). And as expectedÖthere will come a twist but not for a good reason.

    When one of the Dooba Doobas will visit Earth to meet Baal Veer (Dev Joshi), he will forget to carry his flying helmet back to his planet and leave it on Earth.

    What happens of the helmet and how it is brought back to base is something that the viewers would have to wait and watch.

    When we got in touch with our very own Baal Veer, Dev Joshi for some more information, he maintained, ďThe subject in focus would be Dooba Dooba. Apart from this I cannot reveal more.Ē



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