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    Default Baal Veer to face a new nemesis- Kakli

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    Baal Veer is a fantastical TV show where superhero - Baal Veer takes all of its viewers on an adventurous trip to Parilok. Baal Veer is the savior of Parilok and children protecting them from the evil intentions of evil Paris and denizens of the dark. Baal Veer and his set of friends counter evil and negative intentions of dastardly forces and uphold natural justice and order of the system.

    In the ongoing track, trouble has knocked on doors of the innocent kids once again as Bhayankar Pari played by Shweta Kawatra has stolen Natkhat Pari’s “Kaal Chitra Yantra” which is capable of turning any person into a rabbit. Bhayankar Pari duplicates this device in a wholesome lot and hand overs one to Kakli, the head witch who leads the gang of witches roaming on Earth with only one vision in mind - end all kids. While Kakli demonstrates the use of this device to her subordinates Manav played by Rudra Soni is witnessing this at that very moment and finds out the true intention behind Kakli’s plan.

    Manav tries to escape this trap but it’s too late for him as Kakli demonstrates the power of this device on Manav itself. Montu also gets stuck in this trap and both of them get instantly transformed into rabbits. Baal Veer aka Dev Joshi soon finds out about the distress his friends are in and decides to take on Kakli and destroy Kakli’s destructive plan.

    Will Baal Veer’s super powers be enough to retrieve his friends from this troublesome condition?



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